Monday, May 15, 2017

Tickseed Plants AKA ....

My perennial -- Coreopsis        kôrēˈäpsəs    FULL SUN  easy to grow!

Really eyecatching... these plants are said to form nice, slow spreading clumps of green, thread-like foliage with profusely blooming flowers that stand above the foliage on long, wirey stems.

This year's upstart... May 15-2017  I kinda want to compare growth pattern since '2016

 I did plant them next to my cactus garden area, close to the rock border...  and they are said to be great for cut flower arrangements.

At present... I only cut a few roses and my early blooming peonies to place on the coffee table.

Back to the TICKSEED.....  further classified as a "grandiflora... hardy in zones 4-9!!!  That's Oklahoma weather summer and winter.  
Pictured above May 23,2016)  I planted same tickweed last year --kinda lost the name tag under which I planted them....... then they have returned fairly nice at this early part of spring in my flower bed.

So... I run across TICKSEED... pretty striking perennial at a Choctaw Oklahoma "EARL'S" nursery.  

they're said to form 0-36 inch clumps that will spread to about 18inches -- having bright yellow daisy-like flowers that abt 2-3 inches in diameter.... on tall stems that bloom all summer...   MY TASK HUH>>>> ????

Pretty plant tolerates almost any soil -- via good drainage... preferring rocky, sandy slightly acidic soils pH below 6.8

Seldom need fertilizing -- DEADHEAD spent flowers regularly
Can be sheared back by 1/3 in mid to late summer to promote a fall re-bloom... and to groom the plant!

Propagating Coreopsis Plants and Growing them from Seed

Dig up and divide your Coreopsis clumps every two to three years in the fall after blooming or in the early spring. This will provide you with additional plants as well as keeping your plants thriving.

Happy Planting  ~  Happy Harvesting !

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