Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Yard Watching Every Day.....Perennial Break-Thru's

It's been a bit cool --- feels like it at even 55 degrees. There was a bit of rain earlier this week.   But the sun is shining.... and I'm stooping over looking at shoots of Lillies, hydrangeas and hostas that are just a 1" to 2" jutting thru the soil.

Oh... again..... my first purple IRIS bloomed outside my bedroom window....WOW.  The first and only multiple bloom in the back yard!

and Lest I forget..... the original rose bush looks gorgeous.... the two mini's I planted last year are full and ready to go!    There is a tiny survivor.......   There is also a slow-death that seems destined to clearance!!!!   Weep-weep

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Wet Nursing my Hydrangeas

Yep... fearfully and always hoping.... I purchased these hydrangea plants and for two years I've grown them in pots.   They did excitedly rebloom last year.   Then they sat -covered - on the front porch kinda sheltered from the severe winter cold.

So, to my delight..... One pot showed the beautiful tiny green shoots peeking thru.   The other (I supposed both were dead).... the other pot is just sitting looking dry and brown.    But never feat...

I've taken the brave step to PUT THEM IN THE GROUND!!!!!   And yes, the green shoots are growing  day by day!!!

Time will tell!!!

Poking Thru ~ West-side House-Front

Last year......   Hosta's were planted here on the western 

front of my house...  at least I think and I remember......    My oh my.... I' just excited!!!  

I think of the Mighty Father residing in heaven..... orchestrating all of His creations....  down to this smallest peeking thru the soil --- plant life!!!      3-4th week March 2018!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Spring 2018 A'Bloomin

All of God's good nature is like....  

Get on your mark...

Get Set..

... and GO!    

Here's something about my backyard beauty.....  I seem to have just a few ---  FEW -- of plant types.   I asked my brother in law.... probably 3 yrs ago....   and he gave me a FEW Lilly bulbs from his garden.  

So here it is I have 3-5 Crinium plants... a'peeking a bit of green (new life) this month of March '18

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Gods Graceful Crinum Lilly

Botanical Name:Crinum Cintho
Common Name:Crinum lilies, milk and wine lilies, swamp lilies
Growing Zones:Grow in zones 4-10; in zones 6 and colder grow in pots and overwinter indoors
Sun/Shade:Full sun; afternoon shade in hottest regions
Flower Color:White with wine stripes
Plant/Bulb Size:24+ cm in circumference, about the size of a medium to large pear
Bloom Timing:

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

National Gardening Assoc

1971 Toro aka my Uncle Jo Rose

Location is working well this year..... soil has been conditioned, watered, fed and mulched.  Tah-dah!!!

The trademark name is Uncle Joe.   This Hybrid TORO tea rose is lightly fragrant... and deliciously rich red.....   It is standing abt 4ft-upright and reaching towards the sun!   Its on the north side of the house... which gets about six to seven hours of sun.   Otherwise the yard is heavily shaded with the neighbors trees and fences (east and westward... years of developing in this neighborhood!)

The Toro Rose is listed as a repeat bloomer, exhibition worthy as a truly beautiful cut rose on a long stem! Lots of worthy thorns too!

Wondering..... what is the POINT OF ORIGIN  ??

BTW - I am a 1971 Highschool graduate.... 

My bet is that my daddy brought this plant from our previous home at Wisconsin drive....  Maybe I'll do another drive by the old home place.... because there is a sprawling front window blooming rose bush at about six feet tall.  It has not been pruned or kept -- just sprawling.   I didn't think to see what type of rose bloom it was.

I might suspect that my daddy brought this flower from our home in Chickasha, OK... in 1965.  I don't remember flowers around that house.... or my next door Big Mama's house in old-old pictures.

Whenever I cut the spent roses.... in hopes to increase bloom time throughout the year.... they are still so lovely, fragile, velvet-like that I place them in containers to dry out

Yard Watching Every Day.....Perennial Break-Thru's

It's been a bit cool --- feels like it at even 55 degrees. There was a bit of rain earlier this week.   But the sun is shining.... and ...