Wednesday, April 26, 2017

This faded rose ~ mama

I listened to tapes on pruning and propagating various annuals and perennials.   Now if I can remember... I snipped this age-old rose via years 1965 transplant from Chickasha, Oklahoma to OKC.
Here it bloomed earlier this year . . .

 And here it stands.... next to a replanted Peony that was planted on the front of this home at least twenty years back by my parents!!!

I wondering how to BEST re-nourish and encourage this unusually pretty color peony.  I learned that the front of the house (facing north) has begun to receive less and less sun-shine.  My neighbors plants have grown and shadowed the NW portion of house more-so.  I wasn't learning or paying attention 6-7 years ago.... but just 2-3 years ago I noticed that there were fewer and fewer blooms. 

I kinda don't always know the best sun patterns, soil needs.... or fall/spring preference... or root patterns to transplant.   And then I split the plant.   Geesh.   

My life with my plants !!! 

I also clipped my annual purchase of geraniums -- spent limbs are easily snapped.   This pretty unusually tri-color pink white -- I potted into a larger pot yesterday in hopes of enjoying blooms all year!

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